“The Father Of Orphans Is God” Project: GMS-Suzuki Outreach Launch

Shinichi Suzuki revolutionized music education with his philosophy, “Every child can learn, it depends on how they are raised.” Suzuki has given happiness to children by teaching classical music, through the Suzuki method. Nurturing love of the family, combined with positive involvement of peers, gives children the ability to perform at a very young age. The world is now a better place, because of the nobility of spirit, shared among students, parents, teachers, and the whole learning community.

Home of Love (Tahanan ng Pagmamahal) Girls’ Orphanage was founded by an orphan himself, Reylindo Ortega, together with Bro. Bo Sanchez. Prior to the launch, we visited the orphanage together with students, parents, and junior teachers. We gave mini concerts which were very well received, and the kids would repeatedly ask us to visit them again. We came back nearly every week, until I decided that I should not only give concerts to them, but also teach them. The Father of Orphans is God Project (a Suzuki Method Outreach) was formally launched on August 22, 2013. Holy mass was celebrated by Fr. Alex Magtibay, OSJ at the Home of Love Girls’ Orphanage. Prof. Carmencita Arambulo, President of the Philippine Suzuki Association, donated eight used violins from the Greenhills Music Studio.

Later on, my students, siblings Denise and Moselle Cu, and Sebastian and Enrique Chenglay, also donated their old violins. Now, all the girls of Home of Love have violins! All we need now are violins for the boy orphans. Cash and check donations to Philippine Suzuki Association for this project are most welcome.

Thank you and God bless us all.

Victor Goldberg Conducts Masterclasses at Greenhills Music Studio

"It was such a great and memorable experience for young Filipino students having internationally renowned concert pianist Victor Goldberg up close and sharing his musical expertise with them." - Carmencita G. Arambulo

Participants were

Pieces performed were Chopin's Fantasie Impromptu, Rachmaninoff Moments Musicales #4, Scarlatti Sonata in E-Minor, Chopin Ballade in A Flat, Rachmaninoff Etudes Tableaux #4.


LATEST NEWS: Mrs A's Opus celebrates an excellent life of music
By Antonio C. Hila Philippine Daily Inquirer

MRS. A'S OPUS" kicked off a series of concerts lined up at Fleur-de-Lis Theater of St. Paul's University in Manila, in celebration of the 70th anniversary of the St. Paul College of Music and the Performing Arts.

The concert was held in honor of one of its outstanding alumnae, Carmencita Guanzon Arambulo, who has dedicated 50 years of service to music education as a teacher, cultural administrator and sociocivic leader.

The concert featured Arambulo's alumni and students, particularly those from Greenhills Music Studio (GMS), which she founded in 1968.

The performers were led by Rowena Arrieta, fifth-placer in the 1982 Tchaikovsky International Competition in Moscow.

Other performers: Louie Ocampo, Oliver Salonga, Jonathan Coo, Maritess Salientes, Fr. Manoling Francisco, SJ; Katherine Fernandez-Asis, Therese Gemora, Hansel Ang; GMS Music Kids, GMS String Ensemble, GMS/PSA String Ensemble and Mass Appeal Choir.

Carolyn Kleiner Cheng, another alumna of the studio, wittily hosted the program.

Son and daughter

Arambulo's son Ariel conducted the ensembles aside from composing some of the featured works, such as "Arkipelagong Pilipino," a fantasy on Philippine folk songs, and Hallelujah Concerto.

Dedicated to his mother, the last piece is built on the motif of his mom's initials, CGA. An accomplished violinist, Ariel has also shown a knack for composing.

Daughter Rica rendered a song she had composed, "Ikaw at Ako Pa Rin," an "ultimate declaration of love" to the honoree.

Ryan Cayabyab, Arambulo's outstanding student in theory at the UP College of Music, is the composer of "Ondoy-Ondoy" for solo piano, which was played by Arrieta. The piece was inspired by typhoon "Ondoy" and depicts both the life-giving and destructive aspects of water.

Arrieta's performance was met with thunderous applause in the end. Because of her long absence, she had been sorely missed on the local concert scene.

Salientes' "Thank You for the Moment" merges music and technology. It was composed for the occasion and received its world premiere. It signaled the composer's comeback to the musical scene after three decades of absence.

Marvelous tribute

Sr. Maria Anunciata Sta. Ana, SPC, dean of the college, assisted by Wynna Marie A. Medina, handed the 70th Jubilee Award to Arambulo, who said she was greatly touched by the honor. The award was given in recognition of her invaluable contribution to her alma mater, and her dedication to music education.

At the lobby, Arambulo graciously welcomed her guests, who came in droves, some from abroad, who filled up the hall to capacity so that extra chairs had to be added.

Backstage, Arambulo said: "My heart bursts with joy and gratitude for this marvelous concert tribute. It gives me all the strength and inspiration to continue working for the rest of my life."

The concert was a night of thanksgiving, too, as she expressed her gratitude to her parents, mentors, colleagues, students, and her ever supportive husband and five children.

Above all, she expressed her deepest thanks to God for "making all things come together" and using her as "instrument of love through music."

Our warmest congratulations!